(Korean Drama) Love In Sadness

Love in sadness
Love in sadness

At last love in sadness is out, this Korean drama was in our top upcoming Korean movie for this year, the storyline is amazing and we at Softreloaded have been anticipating Love in sadness for a long time now.

We are glad that it out and to be honest, we haven’t watched this Korean series to the end, the episode is much and we are not even halfway yet but as far as we are concerned, with the little we have watched, it been extremely mind blowing and we can’t just stop talking about it.

We hope you get this sensational feeling while you watch this movie and let us know about your view about thus series, we would really love it.


The drama “I Love When I’m Sad” tells the story of a woman who is chased, a man who chases after her, and a man who hides it. It will tell the story of dangerous chases, secret desires, and characters who are so romantic.

Seo Jung-Won, played by Ji Hyun-Woo, is a plastic surgeon. He’s a good person, smart and handsome. He is in love with Yoon Ma Ri played by Park Han-Byul. Yoon Ma-Ri is an artist and son-in-law of the chaebol family.

Her marriage life is miserable. Her husband Kang In-Wook (Ryu Soo-Youn) looks like a perfect husband, but he is obsessed with Yoon Ma-Ri and commits violence to him. Yoon Ma-Ri decides to run away from her obsessive husband. He meets Seo Jung-Won and falls in love with him.

Other Title: I Love When I’m Sad / 슬플 때 사랑한다 
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Episodes: 40 (to be confirm) 
Director: Choi Yi-Sub and Yoo Beom-The 
Scriptwriter: Song Jung-Rim 
Channel Station: MBC 
Aired on: February 23, 2019, every Saturday at 21.00



Ji Hyun-woo as Seo Jung-won (37 years old)
Park Han-byul as Yoon Ma-ri (32 years old)
Ryu Soo-young as Kang In-wook (38 years old)
Wang Bit-na as Joo Hae-ra (37 years old)


People around Jung-won
Moon Hee-kyung as Lim Yeon-hwa (64 years old)
Jung-won’s mother. She used to be a doctor.
Seo & Ha Plastic Surgery
Go Joo-won as Ha Seong-ho (37 years old)
Director of Seo & Ha Plastic Surgery. Jung-won’s friend and rival.
Hwang Jung-in as Park Na-yeon (28 years old)
She’s a nurse.
Park Sang Shin as Kim Bong-woo (34 years old)
He’s an anesthesiologist.

People around Ma-ri
Kim Yeong-ryeong as Lee Kyung-hee (52 years old)
Ma-ri’s mother.
Kim Yun-joo as Choi Woo-sun (32 years old)
Mari’s friend. She works at an Art Academy.

People around In-wook
Jeong Won-jung as Gang Il-guk (66 years old)
In-wook’s father. He’s the president of Geonha Group.
Kook Jung-sook as Moon Hye-sook (52 years old)
In-wook’s stepmother.
Jung Sung-hoon as Kang In-sang (17 years old)
In-wook’s half-brother.
Kang Sung-wook as Kim Secretary (29 years old)
In-wook’s secretary.
Go Woo-ri as Oh Cheol-young (32 years old)
Former detective employed by In-wook.

People around Hae-ra
Heo Eun-jeong as Eun Jung (22 years old)
She works at the Gyeong Gallery.

Special appearances

Park Ha-na as former Yoon Ma-ri

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