Upcoming Korean movie of 2020


Up coming Korean drama of 2020
Up coming Korean drama of 2020


This is the list of Korea movies that we Feel might be mind blowing in 2020, 2019 was a year filled with series of heartbreaking movies, ones that we didn’t get to see the end of them and taught that a second season might be coming out soon. But disappointingly they didn’t come out last year. The good news is that most of this movies will be coming out this year.

Aide season 2, love alarm,  stranger etc…  Lee min Ho will also be appearing In movie that we feel will be a hit. What will happen to Vagabond,  is the second season even coming out..  Bae Suzy might also be featuring in new movie. Is Lee Jong Suk also coming out with a huge movie. Check out your favourite actors. Movie plans.

Here is the list for you to check and see which of the movies to anticipate and find out the time in which they should be out.

Note that the time may not be exact, time depends only on movie own and producers but it should be close enough.

1. The king: The eternal Monarc

Korean drama

Cast: Lee min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Wo Do Hwan

Genre: History,  fantasy, romance.

Release date (60%)- July, 2020

This is a movie that I am definitely going to watch. This will be the first movie by Lee Min Ho after returning from the military.
It a movie about two world, one is the modern day Korea while the other is an alternative universe in which Korea is ruled by a single Monarch. It will air on SBS TV in 2020
Korea drama This movie tells the story of an emperor and a modern day detective who Cross path with each other after a demon opens a portal that links both world together.
As they work together to close the portal and protect their love ones, they began to develop feelings for each other.

As you can see, the storyline is amazing, you definitely have to watch out for this movies.

This movie will be available on SoftMovie ( https://movie.Softreloaded.com).

2. Love alarm season 2

Love Alarm Korean drama

Cast: Kim So Hyun, Sang Kang, Jung Ga Ram

We we already know what happenedin the previous season of this Korean drama. If you don’t, cluck here.

Jojo still single and noy connecting with her love. This season will be when we will find out who she will end with. The mysterious creator of this app, maybe. And whether it continue to operate.

3. Kingdom season 2

Korea drama Cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Poona, Jun Ji Hyun and Ryu Seung Ryong.

The season one of this Korean Series was completely mind blowing, it was amazing and funny, I couldn’t stop watching the movie all over again, I just
couldn’t imagine an horror zombies Korean drama.

The movie will surely continue like it has been, he will try to save his countrymen from the coming zombies. It will be completely insane.

4. Will I find you when the weather is nice

Korea dramaCast: Park Min Young, Seo Kang Joon.

Monk Hae Won (Park Min Young) is an ordinary woman without any special character beside having played cello since she was young. She used that skill t9 step into the professional world but this only result in heartbreak and loss of trust.
Hae Won then decided to move to a town in Gangwon province where she lived when she was young. There she meet Im Eun Seob (Seo kang Joon) a man who runs a small bookstore in Hae Won’s hometown. He live quite the simple lifestyle, starting his dar by reading while drinking coffee and ending with a post for his bookstore blog. Eun Seob’s life is shaken up a bit when Hae Won enter his life.

5. Welcome

Cast: Kim Myun Soo, Shin Ye Eun

Comedy, Romance, Drama, fantasy.

Kim Sol Ah is a puppy like human in her mid 20’s and works for a graphic design company.
One-day she brings home and start living with a cat, Hong Jo, she is unaware that Hong Jo is not an ordinary cat. He has the ability to transform to a human being.
Since living with the cat, Lol Ah start getting entangled with unusual events.

6 Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Korea drama Well, We how no idea about when this movie will be out.. But it this year.
It will probably continue the same way as before with some litle excitement.




7 Psycho But it’s okay

Korea drama The drama tells the story of a community health worker at a psychiatric ward and a storybook writer with an antisocial personal disorder, despite their differing view on love and relationship, the two end up beginning a romancethat defies their fate.


8 Half of Half

Korea drama Cast: Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin.

It is a romantic story between the Ha Won and Han seo Woo. In this drama, Ha won is an Al programmer and he is also the founder of M & H company. Though he is firm about work, he is a mind hearted rational thinker who never get angry meanwhile Han Seo Woo works as a classical music engineer, her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person. The thorns up meeting each other and finally falling in love.

9 Itaewon Class

Korea drama Cast: Park Seo Joon, Da MI, Yoo Jae Myung and Kwon Nara.

It’s base on a popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of youth. Who fight against an unfair world with determination and style. The drama will follow a group of people as they chase after freedom and open a new business in Itaewon.

10 Here

Korea drama Cast: Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ha, Nam Joo Hyuk and Nam Ki Min

It information has been kept secret.






11 Stranger 2 (Forest of secret)

Korea drama Cast: Joo Woo, Kim Hae Sun.

While investigating on mysterious case, he realizes the existence of time travel. The time traveler came from the future through a device called Alice.
On his fight against the existence of Alice he has a fateful reunion with Yoon Tae Yi, a genius physicist who hold the key to uncovering the secret of time travel.

12 Memories

Korea drama It about serial murders that a man witness caused him to lose his memories..
Movie details still unknown.






13 The school nurse filer

Korea drama Cast: Jung Yoo MI, Nam Ho Hyuk.

Genre: mystery, horror, Comedy.

Ahn Eun Young is a school nurse and an exorcist, she has a special ability which allow her to see ghost and she can also eradicate ghost. Meanwhile Hong In Pyo is a teacher at the school who has an incredible aura of energy that protect him. After meeting Ahn Eun Young, he will becomes her partner in exorcising evil spirit.

14 Hy, Bye Mama

Korea drama Cast: Kim Tae Hee

Cha Yoo Ri has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago, Due to her unfulfilled longing to hold her daughter in her arms, Cha Yoo RI is unable to leave the world behind and she ends up miraculously recovering the opportunity to return to her family for 49days.

15 Sandbox

Korea dramaCast: Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk is currently in talk for this new drama

Sal Dam Min is a second generation heiress who dropped out of college with the dream of earning 100 million won to start her own business with Steve Jobs as her idol. She gives up her privilege and works various small jobs to raise money to start her business. Nam Do San is the founder and CEO of a start up company called Samsantech he started Sam San tech 2 years ago but the company is not doing well. Somehow Nam Do San becomes Seo Dam mi’s first love. They cheer each other start and growth.

16 The game toward midnight

Korea drama Cast: Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Her

The drama will tell the story of two people who Join hands to solve the mysteries murder cases.


17 We were inlove

Korea drama Staring: Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Kim Min Joon






18 Sweet love

Korea drama Mystery, Horror, Psychological.







Well,  you are surprise that their is no vagabond on the list.  Yes,  that true,  we didn’t miss it.  Their is no news of a second season for vagabond.


Vagabond Korea series 2019
Vagabond Korea series 2019

We know how much people want to see this movie,  even I can’t wait any longer,  but disappointingly,  there is no talk over a second season for this Korean actor and as you can see from the movies above,  Bae Suzy will likely busy, she will be appearing in some movies already.  If at all vagabond will be coming out with another season, it will be toward the end of the year.

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